Mission and Core Values

Cornerstone Dental is founded on our core values, which influence every decision and aspect of patient care:

Respect- Respect every patient and each other as co-workers.

Professionalism- Conduct ourselves with class and professionalism at all times and in all situations.

Family First- Place the needs of our families, including our dental family, above all else.

Highest Quality- Always strive to be at the top of our industry with regards to quality of dental care delivered to every patient.

“Golden Rule” for Treatment Planning- Suggest treatment that is in the patient’s best interest or that we would suggest for a loved one.

Team- Help when other team members need it, praise them when they don’t, and do not ever pass blame onto someone else.

Fun- Have a positive, cheerful attitude that will create a fun work environment and a welcoming place for patients.

It is our mission to treat each patient as if he or she were a close friend, showing genuine care and respect. Connecting on a personal level and building lasting relationships, founded in mutual trust and respect, will have Cornerstone Dental patients leaving with a smile.